Why Should I hire a licensed contractor is probably one of the many questions that you are asking yourself before you begin your home renovation.  You may be thinking, isn’t price the most important aspect of a job?  Well it is one important aspect of any job for sure.  How ever there are four other extremely important factors to think about.

Let’s start with what the state of Arizona says is most important.

1)     Licensing and insurance:

The state of Arizona has very stringent guidelines for all licensed contractors.  These include things like what type and the amount of insurance must be carried, how much of a bond must be maintained and how much time the contractor is responsible for the integrity of the work they completed for you.

So, let’s start with license requirements.  To become a licensed remodeling contractor in Phoenix there are certain requirements that must be met by the person or entity applying for it.  To get a KB-2 license the qualifying party must have at least four years of experience AND a minimum of 10 projects under their belt.  They must also take and pass two tests in regard to codes, requirements and business management that usually take two weeks to a month of preparation and study.

Up next is insurance.  The only insurance that the AZ Registrar of Contractors requires is workers compensation.  How-ever.  Any bathroom or kitchen remodeling contractor who is worth their salt will also possess a general liability policy.  They will also possess commercial auto insurance for their vehicles

Finally, in this category is the bond or recovery fund.  The AZ Registrar of Contractors offers even more protection to the homeowner in the form of requiring that the contractor has a bond between the amount of $4,250 to $15,000.  Additionally, the licensed contractor must either pay into the recovery fund or post a second bond of 200,000.00 dollars.

Do not be afraid to check the ROC by clicking the following link to make sure their license is in good standing

Moving onto the next most important consideration.  That of reputation.

2)     Reputation:

Just what is reputation?  In these modern times reputation has many facets.  There is your social media reputation (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), your online reputation (Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau) and then there is of course your offline reputation.

Well, all three are important.  Look your contractors up on social media and Google and Yelp.  Make sure they have references from other projects they have worked on.  These would be people you can call and talk to, to get feedback from or videos.  If all three aspects of a contractor’s reputation are great, then you can be assured you will get a fantastic product and experience from them.

Something to keep in mind with a newer contracting firm is that they may not have a well-established reputation online.  This is not necessarily a reason not to use them.  This just means that you need to some extra homework and make sure you check their references.  Don’t just trust your gut on this one.

The next thing you want to check is if your remodeling contractor has the manpower to get your job completed in a timely fashion.

3)     Ability to complete job within necessary time frame.

There are literally hundreds of contracting firms in the great state of Arizona.  Many of them are small firms with only one to three employees.  Now I am in no way saying that these firms are not reputable or that they don’t do quality work.  On the contrary many of these small firms provide excellent workmanship and quality materials.  However, not all of them are able to do a large-scale remodel in a timely fashion. Another reason to ask yourself; Why should I hire a licensed contractor?!

If your project is over a certain size and you need it to be completed within a specific time frame you must get confirmation from them that they are able to muster the resources and manpower to successfully complete the project.  If their price is much lower than your other bids it could be because they have little overhead.  This often means they have no staff to ensure excellent communication and no project management professionals to ensure that timelines are followed, and issues can be accounted for.

I hope you gleaned some valuable insights and ideas for you to think about before starting your next project.  Whether it is a bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel or making your living room or closet more user friendly we would love to chat with you about it.  Use My Guy Services has a team of experts ready to give you advice and make sure that you make the best choice possible.  Not only for your budget but for all parts of the project.  We are dedicated to adding value to the lives of everyone that we speak with regardless of whether you chose to go with us or not.

Here’s to your next project! And we hope that we can be your answer to; Why Should I Hire A Licensed Contractor!

John, with Use My Guy Services